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Tours of Prague and Terezin Ghetto with local experts.

Jewish Heritage Tours
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About us:
We are a team of historians and researchers, established by Czech writer Pavel Batel, specializing in Jewish history. We are passionate about our history and heritage and we want to share our passion with you. Ongoing research involving studying relevant literature, visiting archives, and interviewing survivors is essential to work as messengers of the past.

Reasons to tour with us:
  • For our passion
    Thanks to our passion, we are able to pass relevant information based on academic knowledge in an effective and engaging way. We will make you as excited about history as we are.
  • For our expertiese
    Our colleagues are deeply involved in historical research and are real experts in their subjects. Our tours are not based on myths and legends, rather on transformative evens in Jewish history.
  • For our deals
    We are guaranteeing the lowest price for private and semi-private tours in Prague. We are providing high-quality experiences for affordable prices.
  • For our individual approach
    We prefer quality over quantity. Each customer has different needs and expectations. We are here to make your experience personalized and meaningful.
"The best tour of Prague especially if you are fascinated by Jewish history! Yvonne will take you to all the sites and give you a detailed overview of the local Jewish history. She has a true passion for Jewish culture and heritage."
Rudy Rochman
Jewish rights activist

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