• Pavel Batel
    Author, Historian
    Pavel Batel is a history graduate of the Military Academy of Prague and the author of several historical novels based on his research. Focusing on research on the history of the Terezin ghetto for the past 20 years, he interviewed over 50 eyewitnesses of the Terezin Ghetto. Pavel is lecturing at universities and has years of experience in Holocaust education.
Example of Pavel Batel's research
Pavel Batel is focusing on research on the history of the Terezin ghetto for the past 20 years. In case he wasn't able to find missing details in books or archives, he searched for eyewitnesses and traveled to interview them. This way, Pavel Batel managed to collect puzzles of forgotten stories. He is also active as a lecturer and speaker at universities, museums, and communities. All of our colleagues are trained in Pavel Batel and have deep knowledge of Jewish History.

  • Interview with Ruth Bondy, famous historian, Terezin and Auschwitz survivor, Czech writer and translator (author of the book "Jakob Edelstein" - necessary for every Terezin scholar).
  • Jehuda Bacon experienced angelic actions like those of Fredy Hirsh (a mentor and protector of Jewish children in Terezin and Auschwitz), and at the same time the heroic actions of Jesus Christ, Premysl Pitter (a Christian priest who protected Jewish children.
  • Achim Beginsky survived Terezin living in the same situation as Gerda. He was exceptionally stealthy and his skill at sneaking into various block-kitchens ensured he was never hungry in Terezin.
  • Pavel Batel in London with Jeremy Adler, British writer, philosopher and poet (son of H. G. Adler, Terezin and Auschwitz survivor - the most important Terezin historian and author of crucial books used during interrogation of Adolf Eichmann).
  • Petr Lang: Terezin, Auschwitz and Kaufering survivor, who spent two and a half years in Terezin, describing important facts about everyday ghetto life, and events prior to his Auschwitz transportation.
  • Pavel Batel and his collection of books about Terezin Ghetto-camp and Terezin Small fortress.
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