• Yvonne Weisgrab Penkavova
    Historian, Student of Charles University
    Yvonne graduated in Hebrew studies at the Department of Middle Eastern Studies and is currently studying her Master's program in Political Science at Charles University. Her research focuses on modern Jewish history and Jewish identity in the Czech lands before WWII. Through social media, Yvonne is influencing Jewish youth and their connection to Jewish history and heritage. Using her ancestor's family name Weisgrab as a pseudonym to reconnect with her family history.
Yvonne's activities
For the past five years, Yvonne is working on raising awareness of Jewish history and heritage in the Czech republic. She is lecturing in the European arena. Her research includes traveling around the countryside and documenting abandoned Jewish heritage. Yvonne is providing private tours of Jewish Prague as well as lectures. She is also active as a speaker for European organizations or in communities.
  • Lecture about the abandoned Jewish heritage of the Czech republic at the Centre of Judaism in Paris organized by the European Jewish Association.
  • Speech about her research and the danger of antisemitism at the EU delegation to Auschwitz - Birkenau.
  • Israel J. Yuval, Director of Historical Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on a tour of the Jewish Quarter with Yvonne.
  • In Israel during an interview with the son of Gideon Hausner, the prosecutor of Adolf Eichman. His book justice in Jerusalem is documenting his father's legacy.
  • Research of abandoned Jewish heritage in countryside is important part of Yvonne's work.
  • Yvonne held a presentation about Terezin ghetto research at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York in January 2019.
  • Grave stone of August Stein, leading personality in Czech-assimilation Jewish movement in late 19th century.
  • Rudy Rochman, a well known Jewish rights activist from Israel on a tour of the Jewish Quarter with Yvonne.
  • With Rabbi Meir Lau, the formal chief rabbi of Israel in Krakow during a delegation of EU dignetories to Auschwitz.
  • Visiting the Czech senate to talk about mandatory Holocaust education and the necessity of Jewish history inclusion in the general narrative of Czech history.
  • With Czech survivor Hana who published a book "Hanna's journey'. Yvonne had a lecture for children in primary school to prepare the for a visit by Holocaust survivors.
  • Yvonne was invited to the Ministery of Foreign Affair in Jerusalem for an educational excursion and panel with diplomats.
INSTAGRAM @Yvonne_Prague
You can find Yvonne's Instagram page about Jewish history and her activities.
Synagogue in Volyňe used as a night club by the name "Disco Caribic!.
''After the Holocaust, most of the Jewish communities were not re-established. During the years of the communist regime, Jewish history disappeared from the common knowledge of the Czech nation. Many synagogues were abandoned, demolished, or used as garages, stables, etc. Only now, 80 years after the Holocaust, the general public has a chance to learn about Jewish history and heritage in their country. My goal is to bring awareness of Jewish presence in regions and make sure that the Jewish sights are respected and acknowledged. It is the responsibility of our generation to preserve what we still can." - Yvonne

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