Prague's Jewish Quarter
with @Yvonne_Prague

This educational, yet relaxing tour offers an opportunity to learn about Prague's Jewish history and heritage. Our colleague Yvonne is a passionate historian and specialist on her subject. Prague's Jewish Quarter, with its beautiful synagogues, is one of the best preserved in Europe. This tour offers to learn about fascinating Jewish history as well as current Jewish life.
Don't worry about too much walking, all sights are close to each other and there is always a chance to sit and relax indoors. During the three hours-long tours, you will visit all of the synagogues as well as the Medieval Jewish cemetery and Holocaust memorial. Our tours are based on historical research, rather than legends and tales. Yvonne's tours are known for their high historical value which is shared in a passionate and engaging way.
Yvonne Penkavova is a historian and researcher from Charles University in Prague. She has a life-long lasting passion for Jewish history and heritage and sharing her knowledge of Jewish Prague with friends and family grew into becoming a professional licensed guide of the Jewish Museum in Prague. Apart from guiding, Yvonne is also using the power of social media to spread awareness of the rich Jewish heritage of our country. She is also active as a speaker and lecturer in various Jewish organizations in Europe and Israel.
''Dear Yvonne, you made me great pleasure during the fascinating and instructive tour you did for us in the Jewish Quarter of Prague. I learned a lot from you. I was amazed to meet a student who already knows so much. I was impressed by your knowledge, wisdom, generosity, and excellent rhetoric.''
Israel J. Yuval
Professor of Jewish History
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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