Jewish Kolín
with @Yvonne_Prague

The history of the Jewish community in Kolín goes back to the 14th century. Due to its location and significance, Kolín is called "the Jerusalem on Elbe". During this tour, you will explore the footsteps of the traditional Czech countryside Jewish community of Central Bohemia and its powerful history. You will visit a beautifully reconstructed synagogue from the 16th century, the medieval Jewish Quarter, and one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the country (The son of the famous Maharal of Prague is buried there). This hidden gem of Jewish heritage is only 45 minutes drive from Prague.
You would be picked up in the lobby of your hotel at 9:00 AM, and the time of arrival back to Prague is at around 2:00 PM.

The timing of a private tour is fully flexible and can be adjusted according to your travel plans.

Matzavot (Jewish grave stones) at the mediavl cemetery in Kolín.

Jewish history of Prague and the Czech countryside has its differences. Most tourist only visits the Jewish Quarter of the capital city, and the countryside's Jewish heritage of our country is often neglected. Our goal is to bring more attention to the hidden gems of traditional Jewish communities in the countryside, their unique approach to Judaism, and Jewish identity.
Yvonne is a historian and student at Charles University in Prague with a passion for Jewish history and heritage. Apart from guiding, she is frequently a guest of institutions providing online or live presentations or virtual tours. Yvonne is using social media (Instagram) to educate youth about Jewish history and spread awareness of rich Jewish culture.
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