Terezin Ghetto Story
Private or small-group day tour
Visit Terezin (or "Theresienstadt" in German), less than an hour's drive north of Prague. This town became a Nazi holding camp for Czech-Jewish families and selected Jewish groups from Germany, Austria, Holland, and Denmark between 1941-1945. You will learn the history of the Czech republic during WWII and get to understand the complex story of Terezin Ghetto from local historian Pavel Batel.
Pavel Batel is presenting Terezin story in Hong Kong media.
Pavel Batel is presenting Terezin story in Hong Kong media.
Pavel Batel is focusing on research on the history of the Terezin ghetto for the past 20 years. During his research, Pavel Batel became a faithful messenger of the past. He is respected by the world's elite professors and has only the highest references from former Ambassador of the USA Andy Shapiro, Prof. Yuval from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Prof. Tuang from the Journalism department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Terezin heroes were presented by Hong Kong media after Pavel's special lecture at the Hongkong University. His tours are truly unforgettable and transformative. An Israeli TV I24 NEWS invited Pavel to speak live on Yom Ha Shoa (Holocaust Remembrance Day) after presenting the Terezin documentary.

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