Visiting archives, talking to survivors, and researching sources from the Shoa time is a crucial part of our work. Our team is focusing on research of several topics regarding Jewish history in our country. Pavel Batel, our leading historian, has interviewed over 50 eyewitnesses of the Terezin ghetto and collected unique reports.

Interview with Ruth Bondy, famous historian, Terezin and Auschwitz survivor, Czech writer and translator (author of the book "Jakob Edelstein" - necessary for every Terezin scholar).
Our team of guides during an interview of Pavel Batel with Czech Terezin ghetto survivor Mrs. Vidláková.
Research of abandoned Jewish heritage is important part of our work. Documenting genealogy from Jewish cemeteries in countryside used before 1941.
Jehuda Bacon experienced angelic actions like those of Fredy Hirsh (a mentor and protector of Jewish children in Terezin and Auschwitz), and at the same time the heroic actions of Jesus Christ, Premysl Pitter (a Christian priest who protected Jewish children.
In Israel during an interview with the son of Gideon Hausner, the prosecutor of Adolf Eichman. His book Justice in Jerusalem is documenting legacy of Hausner family.
Achim Beginsky survived Terezin living in the same situation as Gerda. He was exceptionally stealthy and his skill at sneaking into various block-kitchens ensured he was never hungry in Terezin.
Anita Tarsi, the leading Israeli historian on Theresienstadt, shared her knowledge with Pavel Batel and gave him access to the Beit Terezin archive in Givat Chaim Ichud, Israel.
Pavel Batel in London with Jeremy Adler, British writer, philosopher and poet (son of H. G. Adler, Terezin and Auschwitz survivor - the most important Terezin historian and author of crucial books used during interrogation of Adolf Eichmann).
Benjamin Murmelstein - the last and only surviving Elder of Theresienstadt. Historical photography from ghetto time.
Benjamin Murmelstein was accused of collaborating with Nazis and imprisoned after the war. His son, Wolf Murmelstein spent his life trying to clear his father's name. Powerful testimony is proving that Murmelstein was a hero who saved lives of thousands of Jews prior to transportation to the "East".
Author of famous Terezin poetry, Vera Maisels, is pictured describing adventure stories about hiding in the forest, events following her arrest, her transportation to Auschwitz, and children's plays performed in Terezin.
Israeli (Sima Sachar and Noa David) and Czech (Mrs. Chládková and Mrs. Kuklová) - top Terezin historians and archive specialists - exchange of newest research facts.
Petr Lang: Terezin, Auschwitz and Kaufering survivor, who spent two and a half years in Terezin, describing important facts about everyday ghetto life, and events prior to his Auschwitz transportation.
Pavel Batel and his collection of books about Terezin Ghetto-camp and Terezin Small fortress.
In a prepared documentary film, Terezin sport will have its own chapter. Talking here with Noa David (Beit Terezin - Department of Education, Israel) about the seriousness of this subject.
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